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Natural bio organic systemic fungicide,better than 84 disinfectant

Natural bio organic systemic fungicide,better than 84 disinfectant
Product Detailed
1.Natural bio organic systemic fungicide 2.No residue, no rinsing 3.Non-corrosive to metal 4.Broad antibacterial spectrum

Natural bio organic systemic fungicide 

BNF Natural bio organic systemic fungicide is a high safety,efficient, environmentally friendly product, 

We provide solide & liquid form.

1.Solide: 1kg/packe,10kg/carton.you can make 5%-6% water solution to spay. economical and practical

2.Liquid: 100ml bottle & 500ml bottle package. easy to use.

3.Liquid:25L/drum fit for hotel,enterprise,etc. 


1.All of the ingredients of this product are food grade.It is completely environmentally friendly, no harm to human and animal.

2.No residue, no rinsing after disinfectant.

3.It has instant & obvious effect that lasts for a long time, completely killing the harmful bacteria. After testing:Only being used for 3-5 minutes, this biofungicide can kill 99.99% of Escherichia coli, 100% of Staphviococcus aureus, 100% of Bacillus Cereus,100% of Pseudomonas aeruginosa,99.99% of Candida albicans,99.96% of Aspergillus niger.

4.Non-corrosive to metal.

5.With broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, it kills the microbial species including:Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, moulds,yeasts and some viruses.

6.It is easy to use,without special equipment.It has a very wide range of applications, can be applied to any area of need for health control.

7.It is most safe, effective and environmentally friendly hand sanitizer on the market.

Microbial species "Bainafo" brand of fungicide  kills

Different Types of Microorganisms

Types of Bacteric


Aspergillus niger IFO4416  


Trichophyton mentagrophytes IFO7522 


Candida acutus IFO1912  


Phaffia rhodozyma IFO10129


Pichia anomala IFO0146 


Pichia  membranaefaciens IFO0577 


Rhodotorula lactase IFO1423  


Sporobolomyces roseus IFO1037 


Saccharomyces cerevisiae  


Zygosaccharomyces rouxii IFO1130 


Geobacillus stearothermophilus IFO12550 


Bacillus coagulans IFO12583 


Bacillus subtilis IAM1069  


Clostridium acetobutylicum IFO13948 


Leuconostoc mesenteroides IFO3832 


Lactobacillus brevis IFO3960 


Lactobacillus  plantarum IFO12519  


Micrococcus luteus IFO12708 


Staphylococcus aureus IFO13276 


Streptococcus lactis IFO12546 

(Gram -)

Raoultella planticola IFO3317 


Campylobacter jejuni 


Escherichia coli IFO13500 


Pseudomonas aeruginosa IFO3923 


Salmonella typhymurium 

Natural bio organic systemic fungicide,better than 84 disinfectant

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